Collaboration with Others

S.N. Linkages Institutes / Ajencies
1 Local institutions in the area, (education, research and infrastructural facilities) KVK,Mirjapur, CRS, Mirjapur, Birla Rural Agro Tech Park, All India Radio, Obra, Banvasi sewa Kendra, Govindpur Myorepur
2 National institutes and agricultural universities IIVR, Varanasi, BHU, Varanasi, NHRDF
3 International Institutions USAID, IRRI-USAID,CYMMIT
4 Extension and Development Agencies Deptt. Of Agriculture, Deptt. Of Horticulture, Deptt. Of Sericulture, Deptt. Of Animal Husbandry

Research-Extension linkages. Comment on the usefulness of extension activities and such collaboration and suggestions for further improvement

Extension activities are very important tools for transferring the technologies among the farmers. Budget for component cost should be reduced and it should be meet out by participatory approach. Frequecy of advisory and diagnostic services should be increased. KVK should be established at district headquarter so that farmers of whole district become able to get new technologies and solve their problems and also purchase planting materials and quality seeds at reasonable price.